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I'm updating my bio since 3 years have passed. I'm feeling very blessed to now be working a primary job that I love and other "jobs" that I'm passionate about too. Thanks to all who were supportive when I was working the job from Hell.

Anyway, I'm a very active person and go to the gym regularly. I love to read - and read approximately 4 books concurrently at any given point in time. I write for a magazine - love the research process. I also am passionate about letter writing and have many pen pals. I'm one of the nerds in school who actually loved writing papers! I'm very creative and draw and teach calligraphy in my spare time. I love going to museums, drawing, teaching, and children. My own daughter is 29 and lives on her own in New York. I miss being around little ones, so compensate by having lots of finned, furred, feathered, and scaled "children."